How to register for OralPix?

Nothing's easier! Go here and follow the different steps.

How to use OralPix?

From your computer:
Once registered, simply go here. and follow the different steps. Select all the photos you want to correct and import them: the correction is done automatically. After viewing the result, upload your photos, which will be compressed in .zip format.

From your practice management software:
Once your photos are imported into the patient file of your software, just click on the "OralPix" button. All the rest, it does automatically: the corrected photo will replace the original. Nothing's easier! Go here and follow the different steps.

Is it possible to use OralPix from my practice management software?

OralPix is ​​working on setting up gateways with different software. Currently, OralPix is ​​available with Orthokis and Ortholeader software.

If you use software with a gateway, simply click on the OralPix icon in your software; Once identified, you will be able to use the functions of OralPix. The corrected photos will automatically be added to the patient record.

Can I use OralPix even if I do not have a practice management software / or if the software I'm using does not have a gateway?

Of course ! All you need to do is visit www.oralpix.com to start enjoying our services.

My internet connection does not work anymore! Can I continue to use OralPix?

Unfortunately no ! It is currently not possible to use OralPix without an internet connection.

I tried to import photos, but OralPix shows me an error message / nothing happens?

Check that you are connected to the internet
Check that your session is open
Check the format of your photos: only .jpg, .png formats are accepted.
If however the problem persists, thank you to contact us here: contact@oralpix.com

I used OralPix but forgot to download the corrected pictures

Aie! Unfortunately, OralPix does not store photos. Only one solution: you have to start again!

Can I load multiple cases at the same time?

You can upload as many photos as you want, but at one time. Once the correction is complete, do not forget to download your corrected pictures before loading a new case: there is no storage of photos. All non-uploaded photos will be lost.

Uploaded photos are bad / not corrected

Make sure your photos are in the correct format (.jpg, .png)
Make sure the quality of the photo is correct (photo blur, under exposed, ...)
If the problem persists, thank you to contact us by email: contact@oralpix.com

No questions help you? Do not hesitate to inform us of your problem on contact@oralpix.com and we will be happy to help you!