01 Origin

OralPix is a registered trademark of DEEPSMILE TECHNOLOGY. This is also the name of a solution of photo recovery and enhancement.

OralPix is the result of the gathering of a group of orthodontists sharing the same problem: the loss of time related to retouching photos. After seeing the effectiveness of the solution, the original team decided to allow its colleagues, orthodontists and dentists practicing orthodontics, to benefit from it.

OralPix is the solution that allows to obtain standardized and quality photos without manual intervention.

03 Technology

OralPix relies on deep learning and computer vision technics to teach its algorithm to transform dental photos the way orthodontists do with their clinical expertise.

The R&D team has set up convolutional neural networks driven on hundreds of thousands of photos.

With OralPix, in a few seconds, photos go through different processing steps such as centering and framing, straightening, facial trimming for background standardization, quality improvement, in order to overcome unexpected picture taking events (patient movement, dimming, camera sensitivity).

04 Values
1Push hard for dental progress
2DeepTech & easy
3No matter where, no matter who
4Straight to the point

OralPix aims to be the reference in dental photos improvement.